Writing a letter of resignation whilst suspended

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Writing a letter of resignation whilst suspended

I am not a Malaysian citizen but I am employed by a Malaysian company. The right to file a representation under the Industrial Relations Act is available to all employees in Malaysia and is not limited to Malaysian citizens. What is the difference between the Industrial Court and the Labour Court?

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Industrial Court deals with individual disputes arising from the employer-employee relationship such as dismissals and trade disputes between trade unions and employers such as transfers, collective agreements and breaches of rights and obligations imposed under the Industrial Relations Act ; whilst Labour Court deals mainly with recovery of wages and other monies and employment benefits provided to employees under the Employment Act such as overtime pay, maternity allowance, salary in lieu of notice of termination and termination benefits.

The "Labour Court" is not a statutory tribunal like the Industrial Court but refers to the hearing conducted by a Labour Officer of the Labour Department into complaints by employees.

Employees whose monthly wages are RM2, and below and other categories of employees who are entitled to the benefits in the Employment Act can file their claims in the Labour Court. Employees who fall outside the scope of the Employment Act but whose monthly salary does not exceed RM5, may also seek the assistance of the Labour Court for recovery of salary or other monies due and payable by their employers under their individual contracts of service.

writing a letter of resignation whilst suspended

Can dismissal cases be settled "Out of Court"? Yes, dismissal cases be settled "Out of Court". Many employers negotiate a settlement with the employee claiming unfair dismissal before the date of hearing. The Court welcomes such settlements as much time is saved. They need to be presented to the Court and once accepted by the Claimant become awards and enforceable like any decision made by the Court itself.

Why do employers frequently lose their cases at the Industrial Court? There are many reasons why employers lose their cases at the Industrial Court.

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Three major causes of workers either being reinstated or compensated can be discerned. Lack of proof of the employee's guilt; Failure to follow proper procedures prior to the termination; Ignorance of employee rights. My employment contract says that either party may terminate the contract by providing 1 months' notice in writing or by making payment in lieu of notice.

Does this mean that my employer can terminate my contract for any reason as long as he gives me 1 months' notice or payment in lieu? Despite the notice clause in your contract, your employer is still required to show "just cause and excuse" before terminating your contract of employment.

This means they must show good grounds for the termination and cannot merely rely on the notice clause to terminate the employment. Termination by an employer based solely on the notice clause could result in an employer facing a claim for unfair dismissal.

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What sort of remedy or damages can I get if I win my case at the Industrial Court? The Industrial Court will usually award back wages capped at 24 months of the last drawn salary for confirmed employees, and 12 months for probationers and reinstatement.

In the event reinstatement is not feasible which is usually the case since the employer-employee relationship may have broken down by the time the matter goes to trialthe Industrial Court may also award compensation in lieu of reinstatement.

There is no fixed formula for how much will be awarded as compensation in lieu of reinstatement, but the usual practice is one month's salary for every year of service.Whilst not legally required, a resignation would normally be with immediate effect and without serving any notice period.

It is also advisable to resign in writing, stating the reasons for the resignation and that this is being treated as constructive dismissal. Resignation is the process where an employee gives notice to their employer of their intention to stop working for the employer.

Abandonment of employment An employee may have abandoned their employment when they are absent from work for an extended period of time without explanation.

Nov 06,  · I also received the same suspension-lifted letter as yours on Friday and have spent the whole weekend FUMING.

When they first suspended me and nullified my election vote, a day after I voted for JC in the ballot, they did not say what I was suspended for other than ‘comments made on social media on July 13th’. Please pardon my manners for writing this open letter whilst you are still licking your wounds.

Yours has been a brutal fall, but I could not contain my excitement to celebrate your downfall. Is it possible to take leave without pay from my current employer to start a new job?

The reason for the request is to try things out with the new employer, if the new environment is not as positive as the current environment for the current employer. Image result for landlord 30 day notice to vacate sample letter.

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"Agreement is the most crucial whilst renting your premises. Of course, when you should make such.

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