Todd rowland fhtm business presentation

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Todd rowland fhtm business presentation

Most people also go about a remodeling project backwards, by hiring a contractor first, and then letting the contractor essentially end up dictating how the job gets done, only giving him very vague instructions. If you do that, you will end up with problems, and not with what you want, because it is absolutely essential to have the design completely finished and fully spec-ed out in every tiny detail down to the door stops, cabinet hinges, and edge trim on the countertops before you go out to bid.

Incomplete design will always lead to cost overruns and a job taking far longer than you expected even if you hire the best contractor in town.

This is simply not your area of specialization. Interior designers, however, not only do specialize in this stuff, living, eating, sleeping, and breathing it for decades on end, but we also get the design finished down to the last detail before putting it out to bid so that you can compare bids fairly.

We know every detail that has to be planned. We also maintain solid working relationships with usually several top flight general contractors — and most importantly, those are ongoing relationships.

todd rowland fhtm business presentation

This breeds loyalty as it does in any field in which collaboration and partnership are part of getting the job done successfully. We do know how to assess who is good and who is not, and how to level the playing field in the world of obtaining bids. We have backups we can call in quickly if an insurmountable problem does arise with one contractor during a job, and that does happen sometimes, even with the best of them and the best-planned projects.

We know which contractors are best for which types of job, and only refer ones who we know are definitely committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

These ongoing working relationships also help us during the design process. We can get feedback from the contractor about ways to do things that might save money well before the design is finalized and the work started.

The most successful projects that involve construction actually start off with the designer and contractor collaborating right from the beginning. It is always, always, always cheaper for you-the-client to change a design on paper before starting construction or purchasing than once things are underway.

And a good designer will know to warn you about things a contractor might not — like how you need to plan on a certain level of cost and time overruns, and build them into your plans and budget. These overruns do still happen even with the best design and best contractors, because there are many things that can crop up in the course of even the best-planned project that no one on earth could ever foresee, but you simply minimize the chances of them and the extentand certainly minimize the likelihood of the most predictable problems cropping up when you work with an experienced designer who already has established trade relationships.

I look forward to working with you!Todd Ringgenberg. Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Financial Manager at 3M Chemicals.

todd rowland fhtm business presentation

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FHTM Business Presentation - Todd Rowland Hello fellow Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing representatives and managers! The video I have posted below is the most current FHTM business presentation with Presidential Ambassador Todd Rowland. best possible direct sellers of FHTM’s quality, name brand products and services.

Please take time to view the FHTM Business Presentation, Representative Spotlights and more to learn about the FHTM business opportunity and what FHTM can offer you and your family.

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