The fear of high school shootings

Student Nadyia Olsen told ABC News she heard what sounded like firecrackers "Everybody started freaking out and running around," while at first, "I was perfectly calm," she said. Olsen and her boyfriend put a metal bookcase in front of a door to barricade themselves in a classroom with their peers. Once the reality of the situation hit her, she said, "I was scared. I was ready to just, like, break down and cry.

The fear of high school shootings

Lee, 30, was upset about previous accounts of school cops brutalizing students of color: Tasering them without provocation, punching them in the face and dragging them down hallways.

Suddenly there was a new, more pressing reason for Lee and others in the district to rally. The brutal killing of year-old Antwon Rose Jr.

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Five current and former Woodland Hills students, all African-American and some with special needs, allege that officers physically or verbally abused them.

Would that not inform your interaction with police officers? The details of the abuse outlined in the lawsuit are harrowing. In one incident, a year-old student referred to by the initials A. There, a school police officer named Stephen Shaulis allegedly hurled verbal invectives at him, telling him neither he nor his mother were going to amount to anything.

Inthe same officer knocked out a tooth of a year-old student, Q. A video of the incident showed the pair chatting.

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After the video cut off, the child was repeatedly punched in the face, according to the lawsuit. In another incident outlined in the lawsuit, Shaulis is accused of intentionally tripping a student.

Johnson claimed at the time the suit was filed that it represented a few isolated incidents, not a pattern. Civil rights activists contend that this trend helps perpetuate the school-to-prison pipeline, in which students of color are disproportionately punished for minor misbehaviors.

They say stories like those from Woodland Hills are part of a larger, insidious pattern of officers physically brutalizing students of color and helping push them out of school. The same dynamic is also evident outside of schools, where scores of unarmed black men have been killed by police in recent years.

But Fetterman is hoping that relationships will improve between the school and police as the issue receives more attention. Fetterman, whose wife was close to Rose, is also hoping for improved relationships between law enforcement and the community at large.By Lynn Bentley Staff writer. Since the school shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., in , parents, educators and government officials have been worried about a link between bullying and school shootings.

The fear of high school shootings

The teen gunman accused of opening fire with a semi-automatic rifle at his former high school in Parkland, Florida, has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder, officials said Thursday. Feb 18,  · The suspect in the Florida high school shooting that killed 17 has confessed, police said Thursday.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, told police he was responsible for the shooting and added that he hid extra. Jun 28,  · Summer Lee planned to spend the night of June 20 protesting the police stationed within Pittsburgh’s Woodland Hills High School, her alma mater.

Images from the aftermath of yesterday's school shooting in Parkland, Florida can't help recalling similar coverage during the attack on Columbine High School.

In the aftermath of the deadly shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, a majority of American teens say they are very or somewhat worried about the possibility of a shooting happening at their school – and most parents of teens share that concern, according to new Pew Research Center.

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