Staffing and employee job satisfaction

While there are some workers that are determined to be dour at work, most employees would appreciate your efforts to make them happier on the job. Here are seven simple ways to inspire employees and increase employee satisfaction: Proper onboarding encourages positive attitudes and can reduce turnover. Encouraging one another, avoiding micromanagement, giving positive feedback and ensuring criticism is constructive are all ways to keep the environment a place where employees can do more than survive — they can thrive!

Staffing and employee job satisfaction

Abstract Aim The aim of this study was to explore the influence of unit characteristics, staff characteristics and teamwork on job satisfaction with current position and occupation. Background Teamwork has been associated with a higher level of job satisfaction but few studies have focused on the acute care inpatient hospital nursing team.

Methods This was a cross sectional study with a sample of 3, nursing staff from five hospitals and 80 patient care units. Participants completed the Nursing Teamwork Survey.

Staffing and employee job satisfaction

Conclusions Results of this study demonstrate that within nursing teams on acute care patient units, a higher level of teamwork and perceptions of adequate staffing leads to greater job satisfaction with current position and occupation.

Implications for Nursing Management Findings suggest that efforts to improve teamwork and ensure adequate staffing in acute care settings would have a major impact on staff satisfaction.

This is a world wide phenomenon. In the United Staffing and employee job satisfaction, according to the latest projections from the U. Additionally, more thannew nursing positions will be created a Adding to this problem is that registered nurses RNs continue to leave their current positions and the profession at a high rate.

Job dissatisfaction is reported to be strongly associated with nurse turnover Hayes et al. Teamwork has been associated with a higher level of job staff satisfaction Horak et al. The relationship between teamwork and job satisfaction in the acute care inpatient hospital nursing team, defined as the Registered Nurses RNsLicensed Practical Nurses LPNsnursing assistants NAs and unit secretaries UAs who work together on a patient care unit to provide nursing care to a group of inpatients, has received scant attention.

Staffing and employee job satisfaction

Most recent research in healthcare on teamwork has been in perioperative and emergency settings and primarily focused on interdisciplinary teams Morey et al.

Five research studies that specifically focused on the influence of teamwork on job satisfaction were uncovered CoxRafferty et al. Rafferty and colleagues surveyed 10, nurses in England and found that nurses with higher interdisciplinary teamwork scores were significantly more likely to be satisfied with their jobs, planned to stay in them, and had lower burnout scores.

Chang and colleagues found that collaborative interdisciplinary relationships were one of the most important predictors of job satisfaction for all healthcare providers.


The relationship between group cohesion, a key process of teamwork, and nurse satisfaction before and after an intervention was studied by DiMeglio and colleagues The intervention increased both group cohesion and satisfaction among nurses.

However they did not report whether there was a relationship between group cohesion and satisfaction. Because the measure included a variety of areas, not just teamwork, it is not possible to determine if teamwork per se predicted satisfaction.

Finally, Amos and colleagues measured job satisfaction in 44 nursing staff members in one patient care unit where staff had undergone an intervention to improve teamwork.

They found that the intervention did not result in greater satisfaction and they did not measure actual teamwork. Furthermore, the lack of a relationship could be attributed to a small sample size, which is another limitation of the study. In contrast to several of the previous studies in this area, the current study focuses on teamwork within inpatient settings, uses a robust measure of nursing teamwork, employs a large sample size, and studies both nurses and NAs.

Conceptual Framework In this study, the independent variables were nurse and unit characteristics and teamwork and the dependent variables were staff satisfaction with current position and with occupation.

The framework presented in Figure 1hypothesizes that individual nursing staff characteristics i. Studies have also demonstrated that staffing levels are associated with nursing staff job satisfaction Aiken et al. Previous studies within nursing, as described above, and outside of nursing and healthcare have suggested that higher teamwork leads to greater job satisfaction Griffin et al.While these studies rank job dissatisfaction high overall, Monster Survey results reveal a wide diversity in current levels of job satisfaction among employed job seekers by profession, with engineers and finance professionals expressing the most satisfaction among the pool of surveyed talent.

Improving Staff Satisfaction Employee satisfaction has been proven to improve the quality of care within your facility and decreases employee turnover. Advancing Excellence’s goal is that “Almost all nursing homes • Do your job the way you want others to do theirs. Staff Satisfaction Resources. Staff were surveyed to determine job satisfaction and demographic variables. In addition, actual staffing data were collected from each of the study units. RESULTS: Hours per patient day was a significant positive predictor for registered nurse job satisfaction after controlling for covariates.

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Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement report. Introduction. Job satisfaction in staff nurses should be of great concern to any organization. Nurses hold the majority of positions in most health care settings, and replacement of an licensed personnel is costly and time consuming.


Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction in the Registered Nurse