Short cause and effect essay about pollution

Darkness is essential to humans. Here, Bogard talks about the importance of darkness to humans. Humans need darkness to sleep in order to be healthy. Animals also need darkness.

Short cause and effect essay about pollution

In big cities we witness hazy skies creating problems for the inhabitants and causing numerous diseases. More often than not, internet and newspapers are filled with information about the increase in the levels of the carbon monoxide and Sulfur Dioxide in the atmosphere.

In fact, now it is well known that pollution is caused due to various reasons. Therefore, in the below-mentioned paragraph, we enumerate the causes as well as the effects.

Industrial mining of the minerals is considered as one of the primary causes of pollution. For instance, Coal is required to produce electricity; therefore toxic thermal fumes are emitted into the atmosphere from the mines.

It increases the percentage of the carbon-dioxide and makes breathing difficult. Agriculture has been one of the primary sources of occupation since time immemorial but due to growing population, the farmers are hard pressed to increase crop production.

It is only possible with the help of chemical fertilizers and they in turn cause soil pollution. Modern vehicles tend to emit a lot of pollution in the air due to the burning of the combustion engine. Due to the implementation of the stricter norms, the level of the soot and carbon has decreased the nevertheless number of people buying a car has increased and it has enhanced the cumulative quantity of the pollutants in the atmosphere.

Growing population and developing economy has resulted in massive industrialization. Big and small companies are opening manufacturing plants to produce goods and accessories.

Some of the units release pollutants as the bye product. For instance, dye making factories are known to cause pollution no matter how they follow the norms of the government. Rise of carbon mono oxide: The rise of the carbon content in the atmosphere is accompanied by the global warning.

As a result, the average temperature of the environment increases. Scientists have predicted that the world will face more floods because the glaciers in the mountains may melt.

It is bound to cause untold destruction to the people in plains. Look at your vicinity and you would find a lot of people suffering from respiratory trouble. Moreover, people exposed to harmful pollutants are likely to suffer from cancer and other types of life-threatening diseases.

Ozone layer plays an important role in the protection of the environment as it blocks the entry of the harmful ultraviolet rays. Increased level of radiation can cause skin cancer to the individuals.

Carbon reacts with ozone gas resulting in its depletion in the atmosphere. Moreover, appliances that release CFC or chlorofluorocarbons can cause similar issues. Indiscriminate use of fertilizers such as pesticides and insecticides can reduce the fertility of the soil and result in the reduction of the crop production.

In short, it would create huge problems in the form of famine and starvation of the general population.The major gaseous pollutants of air are carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, hydrogen sulphide, fumes of acids, paints, smoke etc.

Major solid pollutants of air are dust particles, of un-burnt carbon, lead, cement and asbestos. Cause and Effect Essay Topics A cause and effect essay aims at explaining the reasons and results of an event or situation.

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Pollution: Causes and Effects - Conserve Energy Future

Deadlines can be nerve-wracking, and students have to deal with this on a daily basis. Effects of the pollution. Effect on the human being and animals; Diseases by air pollution; Air pollution may cause severe lungs-diseases, asthma, brain-disorder diseases, etc.

- “The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.” Meaning of this proverb “The pen. Essay about Causes and Effects of Water Pollution; Essay about Causes and Effects of Water Pollution. Words 3 Pages. elements of most definitions are the concentration of a particular pollutant in water for a sufficient period to cause a certain effect.

Short cause and effect essay about pollution

If it related health such as the ones caused. Air pollution will also cause breathing difficulties in humans, lung cancer and worsen asthma. Deforestation due to the rapid increase of population and industrialization will seriously damage Earth. By excessive cutting of trees, the earth will slowly lose its cover which leads to soil erosion, worsening greenhouse effect and global warming.

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