Mean girls film critique

Let me know what you think, I would love if we could discuss and would love to hear what you think!!!! What could possibly go wrong? This love still comes with innate beliefs educated, often subconsciously, by those who raise us, those we befriend, and those we come across in all stages of life.

Mean girls film critique

Reviewed by Angel Cohn Rating: She quickly sees the parallels between her fellow teens' behavior and the dynamics of a wilderness watering hole, and realizes that Darwin's observations regarding the survival of the fittest could have been made in any high-school cafeteria. Fortunately for Cady, the school "art freaks", Janis Lizzy Caplan and Damien Daniel Franzeseclue her in to the subtleties of teen society, with special emphasis on the ways of their archenemies, the brutally superficial popular girls collectively known as the Plastics.

The uber-teens — mega-rich Gretchen Wieners Lacey Chabertwhose family fortune was built on toaster pastries; brainless Karen Smith Amanda Seyfriedwho thinks her breasts can forecast the weather; and queen-bee Regina George Rachel McAdamswho rules with an iron fist and backhanded compliments — invite self-proclaimed math-lover Cady to have lunch with them on a trial basis.


Although Cady's idea of fun is concerned-but-melancholy Mrs. Norbury's Fey senior calculus class, the Plastics offer a crash course in girl world mores. You can only wear a ponytail once a week, gossip contributions to their bitchy burn book is mandatory and, above all, ex-boyfriends are off-limits to friends.

Mean girls film critique

And that's a problem, since Cady has already developed a major crush on Aaron Jonathan Bennettwho happens to have once been Regina's boyfriend. Cady tries to keep her romantic feelings under wraps while conspiring with Janis and Damien to melt the Plastics without getting burned.

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A truly vicious mainstream black comedy about high-school violence and bullying like HEATHERS would be a hard sell in the post-Columbine era, but Fey's screenplay goes as far as it can and director Mark Waters whose brother, Daniel, wrote HEATHERS strikes a carefully calibrated balance between the film's darkly malicious sense of humor and its pastel sets and costumes.

Lohan thrives in her fish-out-of-water-turned-piranha role and the mean girls are impressively mean.

Mean girls film critique

But without the exemplary supporting cast, notably Franzese and Amy Poehler as Regina's "cool" but oblivious mom, they'd be buzzing around in circles.Apr 30,  · Mean Girls isn't your typical lame teen movie, and for that its starting to become a classic.

Its got some really great dialogue that'll keep people quoting it for a long time. The casting and performances are also great, as well as the comedy throughout%(39). Film blog Why it's time for Heathers the TV show Danny Leigh: Brilliantly scabrous, Heathers was the perfect antidote to the s cute teen image – so perhaps now is the time to turn it into a.

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In which Sady Doyle pretends that the entire point of the movie is a critique of its premise. Posted by Nathan Zimmerman on It doesn't fucking matter if you are a woman.

“The Spectacular Now” is the latest film to join the genre. Caption From Annette and Frankie in “Beach Party” to Lindsay in “Mean Girls,” teen movies have captured the politics.

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