Iconography a daunting task for a first year student

I write this remembrance teary-eyed and heartbroken. I had been in touch with Bill more often than usual as I knew he was feeling unusually poor. He had been an extremely healthy man, even into his late 80s. I left four messages on his answering machine without a returned call.

Iconography a daunting task for a first year student

This course explores birth and death as essential human rites of passage impacted by changing American historical and cultural contexts. Since both remain defining life events beyond experiential recall, studying them in interdisciplinary ways opens powerful insights into how culture mediates the construction of bodies and social identities.

Readings and assignments are designed to study changing anthropological rituals, medical procedures, scientific technologies, and ethical quandaries. We will also explore a variety of representations of birth and death in literary expression, film, and material culture as well as in hospitals, funeral homes, and cemeteries.

Timothy Marr is Associate Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of American Studies, where since he has taught courses on mating and marriage, captivity, cultural memory, Muslim American literature and cultures, and tobacco.

His research interests include the life and works of Herman Melville and American approaches to Islam and Muslims. We will examine objections to the theory; how the environmental and health problems we face today reflect processes of natural selection; and recent attempts to understand why we get sick, how we respond to disease, why we get old, why we choose mates the way we do, and more.

Class sessions will feature a mix of lecture and discussion of concepts and issues. His most recent project entails studying while nursing an aged Land Rover across the African savanna human-environment interactions in northern Tanzania, especially how the changing land use and livelihood patterns of the Maasai people living there affect and are affected by wildlife and conservation efforts.

When not teaching or practicing anthropology, he enjoys bicycling, motorcycling, woodworking, and jazz. Humanitarianism in Action MWF, In this seminar we will explore international aid, with an emphasis on its medical end and the set of organizations and institutions that exist to offer assistance to people suffering from disaster, endemic poverty and health disparities.

The current aid complex includes a wide variety of forms and activities, from large bureaucracies to tiny NGOs, massive health campaigns to lonely clinics.

We will approach this phenomenon from the critical and comparative perspective of anthropology, focusing on actual human practice. Which forms of suffering receive international attention, and which do not? How do money and services flow and stop relative to inequality?

What range of outcomes do different aid projects produce? Over the semester we will engage in two collective endeavors. First, to better situate current problems, we will review the background history of humanitarianism and development, including colonial missions as well as state oriented projects of social welfare.

Thus equipped, we will then examine a number of case studies.


During this section of the course students will engage in research projects, exploring specific examples in greater depth.

Peter Redfield is Professor of Anthropology. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and his doctorate from U. His specialty concerns relations between science, technology and society, particularly in post-colonial settings.

He also teaches courses on human rights and humanitarianism, and recently completed a book project on the organization Doctors Without Borders.

The Druids have intrigued the non-Celtic world since Julius Caesar. They have also enjoyed a revival in the 18th century and, more recently, in the 20th century.

There are no original documents written by the ancient Druids themselves, only texts written by outsiders who often had a specific agenda to fulfill. The lack of verifiable information about the Druids allows for them to be romanticized at different times and for different reasons.

They are virtually a tabula rasa on which can be written any narrative. Thus, the study of how Druids are portrayed give a great deal of information and insight into how they are depicted. The seminar will explore the question of whether we can define an iconography of Druidry.

Is there a definable iconography? What are its origins or inspirations? How has it evolved? Dorothy Hoogland Verkerk received her M. Her area of specialization is in early medieval art, and her research interests include the interplay between images and texts in early medieval manuscripts, particularly the ways in which images interpret the meanings of texts through visual references to extra-textual elements such as popular sermons, liturgical rites, political necessities, and catechisms.

Also, she is interested in the fluid and diverse iconography found in early Christian catacombs and sarcophagi, with rich references to death rituals. She has also explored Irish high crosses as potential sculptural responses to pilgrimage to Rome. Ancient Pompeii, the city whose life was snuffed out by a volcanic eruption almost years ago, has captured the imagination of multitudes since its rediscovery in the late 18th century.Apr 27,  · Another student feared that a fellow protester was trying to kill her.

Iconography a daunting task for a first year student

Yet another said that she had collected thousands of dollars for the movement, but then someone stole it, so she gave up and went home.

One year-old with bloodshot eyes and skinny jeans said he tried firing a homemade mortar-launcher from a rooftop, but it blew up in his hands.

Salt (and sugar) in Food

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