Harshad mehta story essay

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Harshad mehta story essay

The common people would not have been alerted about the corruption and the scams cracked by investigative journalism, leading to these movements. The information is usually very accurate as the investigation carried out is kept secretive and in the interest of the common people against super powers like politicians and system.

Harshad mehta story essay

One has to be really passionate towards then investigation. Curiosity- Asking questions is where investigative journalism starts. The questions can be about events in the news, or about things you see or hear about in your day-to-day life. Initiative- Many newsrooms operate on limited resources and all run on tight deadlines.

So you need to become a careful planner to Harshad mehta story essay the best use of your time, and obsessive about checking and rechecking everything you discover, and making sure your story fits together.

Sometimes the question you began by asking turns out o be a dead-end, or opens the door on another, far more interesting but less obvious question. You need to be prepared to rethink and redesign your research when this happens, and not stay wedded to your first ideas. An investigative story may call upon knowledge of anything from science and health to economics and sociology, and no one journalist, however strong their general knowledge, can be an expert in all these.

You also need to know when you are out of your depth, and have the humility to ask for advice or help. Broad general knowledge and good research skillsUnderstanding the context of your investigation can help you avoid dead-ends and spot relevant facts and questions.

But if your investigation takes you into an unfamiliar area, you must be able to familiarise yourself with at least the background, conventions, terminology, role-players and issues of that area quickly.

Only your own motivation and belief that it is a worthwhile story will carry you through what is often a slow process of discovery. Reporters may be threatened with legal action or violence, jailed, or even assassinated for their investigations.

In the face of these risks, you may succumb to pressure and censor yourself.


The original investigative piece by Tehelka in targeted several members of the then ruling coalition, the National Democratic Alliance. Tehelka also accused the MoD officials of accepting alcohol and services of the prostitutes, although the journal itself was criticised for the procurement of prostitutes.

The minister in charge of Defence, George Fernandes of the Samata Party, resigned after the tapes were made public, but he was reinstated later. Part of the tapes show the treasurer of his party talking about accepting bribes of 1 crore or more from arms dealer ex-Naval officer Lt-Cmdr Suresh Nanda, son of ex-Chief of Naval Staff Admiral S.

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Initially the government, instead of acting on the evidence, accused Tehelka of fabricating allegations. However, five years later, in Octoberthe Central Bureau of Investigationfiled charges against George Fernandes, former Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sushil Kumar, and others in the Barak missile case, laiming that there was reasonable basis to suspect corruption and criminal conspiracy.

In Marchthe Nandas were arrested. Fernandes was interrogated in May This uncovered details of the witness coercion process, and alleged that money was being paid directly from Venod Sharmas offices to some of the witnesses.

Venod Sharma was directly mentioned by several people, such as a friend of the now expired eyewitness Karan Rajput. Gujarat was an extensive report on the Gujarat violence published in its 7 November issue, was based on a six-month long investigation and involved sting operations.

It alleged that the violence was due to the connivance of the state police as well as the Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi.history of harshad mehta. Harshad Shantilal Mehta was an Indian stockbroker, well known for his wealth and for having been charged with numerous financial crimes that took place in Of the 27 criminal charges brought against him, he was only convicted of one, before his death at age 47 in Significantly, the Harshad Mehta security scandal also became the flavor of Bollywood with Sameer Hanchate’s film Gafla.

The security scam and its exposure Mehta’s illicit methods of manipulating the stock market were exposed on April 23, , when veteran columnist Sucheta Dalal wrote an article in India’s national daily The Times of . Harshad Mehta Scam India Compilation Essays: Over , Harshad Mehta Scam India Compilation Essays, Harshad Mehta Scam India Compilation Term Papers, Harshad Mehta Scam India Compilation Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and . And thus came to an end the life of a man who is probably the most The Great Indian Scam: Story of the missing Rs 4, crore, Samir K Barua and Jayanth R Varma . What Harshad Mehta Did? – the Stock Scam.

Harshad mehta story essay

What Harshad Mehta did? – The Stock Scam In the early s, the banks in India had to maintain a particular amount of their deposits in government bonds. What Harshad Mehta Did? – the Stock Scam. What Harshad Mehta did? – The Stock Scam In the early s, the banks in India had to maintain a particular amount of their deposits in government bonds.

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