Disadvantages of social crm

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Disadvantages of social crm

Written by Mike Manning Posted in Managed Services Comments 0 While in the early stages of a large Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment for a nationwide non-profit organization, our team of Dynamics CRM consultants were asked to clarify deployment options to help the organization make more informed decisions.

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One of their inquiries being the advantages of adopting a multi-tenant deployment. An interesting subject, and after a great deal of thought I realized for an end-user organization there are far more potential issues than there are advantages.

Multi-tenancy involves a single instance of a software application which serves multiple customers, also known as tenants. In this case customers could be different areas of business, geographic regions etc.

If Dynamics CRM was the application in question, each business unit or tenant would have its own set of records stored in their environment, invisible to other tenants.

Is it a Good Idea? While it is possible to multi-tenant the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM within a single organization, the additional complexity is profoundly problematic.

Disadvantages of social crm

The updating of records in one environment when a corresponding record in another environment changes is no longer automatic, nor is there a way to even identify possible matching records across environments.

There is a need for a separate CRM instance to house services required in common across the multiple tenants, with the extra coding, QA and maintenance required to integrate such common services to the separate tenants.

Disadvantages of social crm same staff may require multiple User Accounts, one for each instance, especially if they are transferred.

This creates potential hazards with respect to synchronization with Outlook, e. The short term ease of just setting up a new instance is more than offset by the long term pain of trying to integrate the systems down the road.

Erecting artificial barriers strikes me as counter-productive. Advantages of a Single Tenant One set of common business rules to be maintained, e. This would keep synchronization of changes to such records tightly controlled.

The Security Role configuration will be sufficient to dictate which user can view records beyond their Business Unit. Field Level Security can ensure that key fields within a viewable record are only available to Users whose Security Role or Team Membership permit access. Imagine a community member requested services from the non-profit organization, but was also a financial donor, these are two different types of contacts under two different units of business.

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If that same person was affected by a disaster and applies for emergency relief from the organization this would create an entirely new, third type of contact.

This individual can either be represented by a single contact record that provides full oversight to the appropriate staff OR by multiple contact records owned by three distinct business units.

A change of address for one such contact record could spark a similar change, either automatically or after appropriate approval, for the other two contact records.

After all that you may be thinking, why should I care about multi-tenancy at all? The choice appears to be a concern solely for vendors like Navantis which may operate separate and distinct instances for clients, as we do with Peopleworks.

However multi-tenancy matters just as much to buyers, or at least it should. While a single tenant is more appropriate for an end-user organization, businesses looking for a SaaS application should understand the advantages of an application hosted in a multi-tenant environment.

This deployment model will ensure the continuous evolution of the product, where as a SaaS application in a single tenant environment may be limited to the changes perceived to benefit the single tenant.

In his article for ZDNet entitled Multi-tenancy: Multi-tenancy is the ideal architecture to make the most of the cloud environment, because it continually evolves to keep pace with the collective demands of its tenants. It also offers improved resource utilization, as the application and database are shared by multiple clients.

Dedicated servers are no longer required, transferring the cost savings and operational efficiencies onto every customer. And despite the sharing of resources multi-tenancy provides an extremely secure environment. Most multi-tenant systems are operated to much higher security standards than standalone systems.

To learn more contact sales navantis. This post was written by Mike Manning At Navantis, Mike combines his passion for business and people with his technical expertise and past experience to bridge the gap between business and technology for his clients.

Social CRM: What It Is & How It Will Benefit You

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Do you know the Disadvantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM? 1. Field level security unavailable for native fields. Microsoft lags in helping social strategies or social CRM techniques.

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