Credit rating and debt ceiling standoff

A credit rating assigned to U. However, it should be noted that these ratings sometimes measure different things; for instance Moody's considers the expected value of the debt in the event of a default in addition to the probability of default. Treasury Department have all reported that the federal government is facing a series of important financing challenges.

Credit rating and debt ceiling standoff

Now national union bosses are attempting to change the law by opposing Proposition A, which would take away worker freedom. Meanwhile, businesses considering Missouri have gone to states with freedom to work.

In fact, every state surrounding Missouri except Illinois is a freedom to work state. Opponents of Proposition A have been operating a dishonest campaign.

Even so, they continue making these untrue claims. The truth is Prop A will lead to higher wages and more jobs.

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If Prop A passes, union bosses would be more accountable to their membership. If union leaders want more members, they should make members want to belong instead of forcing workers to pay dues.

Prop A is not anti-union, it is pro-worker. Proposition A on the ballot set for August 7 moved up from the general election set for November 6 is either going to uphold legislation passed in or cause it to be nullified.

Just as a reference about me, I was a member of The Airline Pilots Association for all my airline career.

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Not because I wanted to but because I had no choice. ALPA never, to my recollection, supported a Republican candidate and some of the money collected from my paycheck went to ALPA National that would in turn provide financial support for the Democrat.

Credit rating and debt ceiling standoff

They always advocated for Democrats whom I always opposed. In the end, the union at the national and local level should be responsive to the desires of its constituency.

ALPA, politically, was not. And neither will your union if Prop A is defeated! Your union will listen to your concerns and embrace your views only when their funding stream is at risk. If, and maybe that should be a capital IF, if your union knows that in order to gain support, voting and financial, they will listen.

Past episodes when the debt ceiling has become a political football have triggered rough spells for the market, and a standoff in August famously cost the United States its top-notch bond rating from credit rating agency Standard & Poor's. This article is part of a series on the: Budget and debt in the United States of America. But Fitch Ratings took a tougher stand, warning that even a debt-ceiling standoff, short of a bond default, could cause it to reassess the credit rating of U.S. Treasury debt.

IF it is such a great good to be a union member then the leadership must prove that. But… Consider for yourself, is it worth relinquishing your basic ideology and moral sense of right and wrong regarding how you live your life and raise your children?

Do you teach your kids that there is no such thing as gender? Would you prefer that your child engage in a homosexual marriage?


Would you teach your child that killing their unborn child is OK? Do you teach them that it is almost sinful to work hard and get ahead or do you teach them that hard work is old school, everybody should get a check from the government to even out the financial disparity?

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Do you teach your kids that higher taxes and more people on welfare somehow benefit our great nation? I understand there will be some freeloaders, there will always be some who enjoy the benefits and mock the hard workers.

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