Birmingham bees essay

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Birmingham bees essay

Degree awarding powers and university title[ edit ] Both degree awarding powers and university title are controlled under UK law, and it is illegal for an institution to call itself a university or to purport to offer UK degrees without authorisation.

Birmingham bees essay

Institutions with taught degree powers may be awarded Birmingham bees essay title of "university college", but for university title an institution must hold research degree awarding powers, as well as having over full time equivalent FTE students, with over degree on level courses and at least higher education students in each of five broad subject areas.

For both degree awarding powers and university title, the final decision is made by the Privy Council on the advice of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education QAA [48] [49] The rules in England and Wales diverged from those in Scotland and Northern Ireland in and were further modified in with the introduction of foundation degree awarding powers for further education colleges.

Under these regulations, which remain in force in Wales, while taught and research degree awarding powers are awarded indefinitely to institutions in the publicly-funded higher education sector, they are time limited to six years for other institutions e.

The rules for university title allowed institutions holding only taught degree awarding powers to become universities in England and Wales fromand the requirement for minimum student numbers across five broad subject areas was dropped.

The overall higher education FTE student number criterion remained atwith on degree level courses clarified to include foundation degrees, which has been introduced since the regulations. The final award of degree awarding powers continued to rest with the Privy Council; for university title it lay with the Privy Council for publicly-funded institutions while alternative providers had to get permission to use University in their name under the Birmingham bees essay Actthe recommendation in both cases coming from the Higher Education Funding Council for England HEFCE via the relevant government department in England or from the Welsh Government.

Birmingham bees essay

Under this act, degree awarding powers were made available on a probationary basis, termed "New DAPs" to providers without a track record in higher education, who had previously had to have a validation agreement with a recognised body to establish a track record prior to gaining their own powers.

Providers with a track record of the years or more can apply for time-limited "Full DAPs" and those who have held time-limited date awarding powers for more than three years can apply for "Indefinite DAPs".

Another change is that degree awarding powers can now be limited to some subjects rather than covering all possible degrees at that level as previously.

There is also an intention to make it possible for institute to gain research degree awarding powers without taught degree awarding powers.

The OfS will take over the responsibility of granting degree awarding powers and university title from the Privy Council, and will also be responsible for the awarding of university title to institutions outside of the publicly-funded higher education sector.

The act gives OfS the ability to remove indefinite degree awarding powers and university title from any institution in England, including those granted these by royal charter. Governance in higher education and Ancient university governance in Scotland Almost all universities by law require staff and student representation in the governing body.

The most progressive models support a high degree of voice for staff and students, with the Higher Education Code of Governance stating that: Four members are elected by heads of colleges, four by professors and readers, eight by other academic fellows, three by students, four by a "grace" a vote of the whole Regent House.

Also there are student members, employee representatives and co-opted lay members. For instance, Aberdeen University has up to a 22 person "court", with an elected Rector and a person she or he chooses, a principal plus one she or he chooses, a vice-principal 5 members2 members appointed by the local councils, 4 members appointed by the General Council, 6 members from the Senatus Academicus, and up to 5 co-opted members.

The constitution of the London School of Economicswhich unusually takes the legal form of a company limited by guaranteecurrently requires its 17 member "Council" to have two student representatives, and three staff representatives. This says that university governing bodies with constitutions issued by the Privy Council should have between 12 and 24 members, with up to thirteen lay members, up to two teachers, up to two students, and between one and nine members co-opted by the others.

Tuition fees UK Universities are funded by endowmentsfunding councils paid for by taxationand tuition fees levied on students.

Beforeuniversities were funded mainly by central government, although they have been increasingly reliant on charging students and seeking to raise private capital. First, universities have the power to generate income through endowment trust fundsaccumulated over generations of donations and investment.

For England and Wales, the Secretary of State appoints 12 to 15 members and the chair, of which 6 to 9 should be academics and the remainder with "industrial, commercial or financial" backgrounds. From WW2 tuition fees in the UK were effectively abolished and local authorities paid maintenance grants.

The Education Act formally required this position for all UK residents, [71] and this continued through the expansion of university places recommended by the Robbins Report of Further, appointed inthe Dearing Report argued for the introduction of tuition fees because it said graduates had "improved employment prospects and pay.

The same rates apply for European Union students, who cannot be discriminated against under EU law. A system of student loans is available for UK students through the government owned Student Loans Company. Means-tested grants were also available, but abolished for students who began university after August While EU students qualify for the same fees as UK students, they only qualify for loans or previously grants if they have been resident for three years in the UK.

Non-European Union students are not subsidised by the UK government and so have to pay much higher tuition fees. Other legal rights[ edit ] Rights to other standards go for staff, or students, universities are subject to both judicial review and rights in contract law because they are seen as having both an equally "public" and "private" nature.

However, the shorter time limit of three months in judicial review was more appropriate than six years in contract. With the exception of three private for-profit universities, British universities are formally charities. UK universities have four principal charity regulators. For universities outside England, this is the relevant national regulator: The form and objectives of the corporation are laid down in the individual charter and statutes, but commonly all graduates are members of the university.In Chemistry this morning, we completed a normality experiment.

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