A plot summary of the story a tale of two cities

As our novel starts, a very businessman-like British gentleman makes his way into the heart of Paris. You see, eighteen years ago, a French doctor was imprisoned without any warning or any trial. He spends most of his time cobbling shoes and pacing up and down in his dark room.

A plot summary of the story a tale of two cities

Henry JamesA young student of divinity, rambling the countryside near Medford, stumbles upon and seems drawn toward an abandoned house. The door is locked and barred, but hearing someone approach, he hides himself and witnesses an odd spectacle—a little old man pauses before the door, bows to it, produces a key and inserts it into the lock, then presses against one of the door panels and enters as the door swings open.

When the man leaves, he again bows to the door and hobbles away without a backward glance.

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Intrigued, the young man visits the house again and again and discovers that the old man visits the house on the last day of every quarter, precisely at sunset I was free to choose a career, and I chose it too quickly.

Afterwards I abandoned it with great speed, but I've never regretted the two years I spent in Cambridge as a student of divinity. Cambridge, for the lovers of woods and trees, has changed for the worse since those days, of course, but I remember the Cambridge I want to remember.

One grey December afternoon, I went to the town of Medford. I was late in starting back for my lodgings, and as dusk was falling I came to a narrow road I did not recognize.

I was about three miles away from home, and I reckoned the road offered me as good a shortcut as any. The road was obviously seldom used.

A plot summary of the story a tale of two cities

The wheel ruts looked old and after ten minutes walking, I came to And so began one of the strangest, and for a time, one of the most terrifying episodes in the whole of my life.

I found Henry James original version wordy and confusing. This adaptation much improves on the original by streamlining the action while retaining the descriptive imagery.

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Even so, this is a slow-moving tale. It has a strong buildup and a stronger ending which involves not one, but two twists.See Plot Diagram Summary. A Tale of Two Cities is set in both London and Paris in the late 18th century, but earlier events contribute to the plot.

In one of the main characters, Dr. Alexandre Manette, has been imprisoned in the Bastille by the Marquis St. Evrémonde and his brother for refusing to keep quiet about a crime they committed. A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens - A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens is regarded as one of the most popular and prolific writers of his era.

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