A literary analysis of truck stop rainbows

Chapter 15 Summary Route 66 is dotted with diners and gas stations that are trying to lure drivers to stop and enter their establishment.

A literary analysis of truck stop rainbows

This shocking warning was enough for many diners, including myself, to avoid the stuff at any cost, and happily opt for the more fattening, but ultimately more trustworthy alternative, sugar. Nowadays, those pink packets no longer carry this warning.

You see, years after the government forced this disclaimer to be printed on the packets, it became apparent that the levels of saccharin given to the lab animals by experimenters in the studies that determined this substance to be carcinogenic were quantities far exceeding commensurate doses for typical humans.

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Imagine, if you will, consuming several pounds of Sweet'N'Low a week. You might expect that eating so much Sweet'N'Low would cause cancer. In fact, it seems that eating that much of anything would cause cancer. The reason I bring up this seemingly unrelated tale is because it relates to the scientific technique of Morgan Spurlock, the director of Super Size Me, and the way this movie has been marketed to the public.

True, this is one of the most disgustingly pleasurable movies I have seen in a very long time, and it showcases the jaw-dropping effects of America's love with fatty foods on the body of a Joe Sixpack-- and tops it off with grisly footage of deteriorating health, informational charts, and disturbing interviews with health professionals, fast food pundits, and junk food junkies, and of course, the hallmark of any great documentary, poorly drawn South Park-like cartoons that condense the complexities of reality into expansive and logically irrefutable blanket statements.

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The problem is, many will engage this movie with the hope of confirming their beliefs, less as interlocutors wanting to synthesize a dialogue with the material, and more as wide-eyed, gawking spectators completely bypassing any intellectual nourishment that could come from the film and directly mainlining the opiate tales of excess that lead to Spurlock's eventual development of seemingly serious health conditions.

It seems pretty clear from this vantage point that this the effect that Spurlock wants the movie to have on the audience.Truck Stop. Rainbows () (selections), The W. orld I.

On the Road

s Round () (selections), Gimme. the Money but is not required. Students are also encouraged to utilize close reading techniques for an effective literary analysis.

The length of the paper should be pages, double-spaced, MLA style. Evaluation: Vera Eliasova Last modified. and truck stop facilities.

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The ultimate intent of the evaluation is to develop recommendations for safe, adequate rest area facilities for commercial drivers and other travelers. This research project has been structured to comply with Section of TEA Keywords commercial drivers, rest area, truck stop, truck parking Q1a Breakeven Analysis.

A literary analysis of truck stop rainbows

The Truck Stop is a repair facility specializing in the maintenance and repair of diesel engines just outside of Carlisle, Pennsylvania--one of the largest trucking hubs in the U.S.

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• Truck Involved Crash Study – Interim report on fatal and injury crashes of cars into the rear of trucks – George Rechnitzer and Foong Chee Wai, May • Truck Involved Crash Study – Interim report on fatal and injury crashes of cars and.

stopped for ameal break at a truck stop, were drivers of vehicles meeting the same criteria in terms of gross vehicle mass, were on a long distance trip, who had not had a police but attended crash in the previous 12 months.

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