A comparison of poem by richard eberhart and william wordsworth

In June, amid the golden fields, I saw a groundhog lying dead. There lowly in the vigorous summer His form began its senseless change, And made my senses waver dim Seeing nature ferocious in him. The fever arose, became a flame And Vigour circumscribed the skies, Immense energy in the sun, And through my frame a sunless trembling.

A comparison of poem by richard eberhart and william wordsworth

Email this page One of the most prominent American poets of the twentieth century, Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Eberhart emerged out of the s as a modern stylist with romantic sensibilities.

Sometimes labeled a nature poet, he often writes about death, most notably in his famous poem "The Groundhog," but his themes also include a preoccupation with such things as the tension between childhood and adulthood, innocence and experience.

However, when his poetry avoids such flaws, his verses are widely admired. An argument at the company later caused his father to quit, and the family never regained its fortunes fully.

Eberhart would later base his verse play The Visionary Farms on this time in his life. His poem "Orchard" is also based on a real-life tragedy, the death of his mother from lung cancer when he was eighteen. While attending college in both America and England, Eberhart worked on his poetry, contributing verses to magazines and anthologies and attending lectures, debates, and parties featuring such luminaries as George Bernard Shaw, C.

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Snow, William Butler Yeatsand G. His first book, A Bravery of Earth, published while he was still at Cambridge University, was received with some stark criticism. However, critics saw much promise in Eberhart. As Monroe continued, "I prefer to credit this young poet, not only with sincerity and enthusiasm.

Blackmur, writing in Partisan Review, also saw promise in the young writer, saying that what he lacked at the time was an abiding philosophy to go with his poems: He was employed at a slaughterhouse inand from to he was a tutor, one of his students being the son of the King of Siam.

He then became a teacher in Massachusetts, all the while working on his poetry but achieving little recognition for his efforts.

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His long search for a new position, a livelihood, underscored the sharpness of his struggle throughout the s to continue writing and to gain some degree of literary recognition. The poem concerns the thoughts of the narrator as he views the dead body of a groundhog in four different stages of decay over time.

The first time he sees the body it is filled with surging swarms of maggots that denote a force of life even as they feed off death; the decomposition of the groundhog continues for three more visits until every last trace of it has disappeared.

The final lines of the poem express both a sense of tragic loss and acceptance. Critical Prefaces to Thirteen Modern American Poets, "a kind of fierce mystic joy is possible, an impassioned acceptance of the impersonal, of death and decay.

This attitude is more than mere resignation: A sense of nervous anguish, according to Mellers, "seems to me to be the impetus behind all of Mr. Navy and was an aerial gunnery instructor at several bases throughout the United States.

Although up until this point his poems had successfully avoided addressing current events in favor of broader themes, the enormity of the war could not be entirely avoided, and he wrote about it in such verses as "The Fury of Aerial Bombardment" and "An Airman Considers His Power. More poetry than drama, these plays typically involve spectators of a scene who comment on what is happening, or are dialogues between two or three characters.

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After leaving his company job inEberhart embarked on a long academic career and finally began to find satisfaction on a professional level. He taught at a number of universities before joining the faculty at Dartmouth College inwhere he remained for the rest of his active career, becoming professor emeritus in As a professor, Eberhart found a sense of security and recognition that obviously pleased him.

A comparison of poem by richard eberhart and william wordsworth

One can see this reflected in his later poems, which, as Roache pointed out, express a characteristic "serenity of tone. His lines are short, his rhymes oblique or infrequent, and his rhythms intentionally irregular, but within these limits he shows a quite extraordinary range.

If we could see or feel beyond the human condition is it possible to think that we could feel or think the unthinkable? The Greeks had aspiration to ideas of immortality. We twentieth-century Americans live closer to materialism than to idealism so we are more nearly measurers, like Aristotle, than dreamers of immortal types, like Plato.

However, our highest imaginations are ungraspable and we are constantly thrown back into the here and now, into materialistic reality. I think that poetry is allied to religion and to music.

It helps us to live because it expresses our limitations, our mortality, while exciting us to a beyond which may or not be there, therefore death poems can be written in fullness of spirit, inviting contemplation of ultimate mysteries.

Death poems are as good as life poems because they are also life poems, written in flesh and blood. Poetry embraces the moment as it flies. Poems by Richard Eberhart.Richard Ghormley Eberhart was born April 5, , Austin, Minnesota.

He served in the Navy during WWII. He went to University of Minnesota, got his B.A. at Dartmouth College in , went to and graduated from St. John's College, Cambridge University in , he received his M.A.

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A comparison of poem by richard eberhart and william wordsworth

The poems being If I Could Only Live At The Pitch That Is Near Madness by Richard Eberhart and Ode: Intimations Of Immortality From Recollections Of Early Childhood written by William Wordsworth.

A contrast between the two poems is the time period which both these poems were written. A Comparison of Poem by Richard Eberhart and William Wordsworth PAGES 2. More essays like this: william wordsworth, ode intimations of immorality from recollections of early childhood, richard eberhart, if i .

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